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Country Life | Vancouver Children Photographer

How fun would it be to have your own horse, goat, even chickens?  Being a city girl myself, I’m always taken away by the peacefulness of the country.  Last month, I attended a 3 day workshop by JinkyArt (creative guru herself, Barb Uil) which was in the countryside.  I was forced away from my computer for the entire weekend.  I loved it!  Peace and quiet.  Only the sounds of farm animals and tractors.

After spending the first few hours talking about our ‘creative selves’ we dove right into a photoshoot.  I was thrilled to see the family pull up with a horse, I knew this would be a gorgeous session.  The storyline was simple, from ‘real to make believe’.  This was the most excellent learning experience and to think, it was only the first of 9 sessions of the weekend.  Wow!


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