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pure BABY bliss

Love | Vancouver Childrens’ Photographer

Love is in the air!  Throw them up, watch them fall, dangle on pretty strings or sprinkle them all around.  Hearts =VIEW FULL POST »

Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions | Nancy Vaz Photography

Introducing our very first Mini-Sessions!  Spring is in the air with the first buds already blooming.  It’s theVIEW FULL POST »

Belly Painting | Nancy Vaz Photography Maternity

The idea was inspired by her 3 year old.  He wanted to paint a picture for his new baby brother or sister, so whatVIEW FULL POST »

Love | Nancy Vaz Photography Baby

Oh how I wish I had done some photos like these of myself.  At the time, you think you’ll never forget thatVIEW FULL POST »

Twins | Newborn Photography

Awwww…. I just love newborns and the little sounds they make.  These identical twin boys were so adorable andVIEW FULL POST »