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Love | Vancouver Childrens’ Photographer

Love is in the air!  Throw them up, watch them fall, dangle on pretty strings or sprinkle them all around.  Hearts =VIEW FULL POST »

Pender Island Sheep | Vancouver Children’s Photographer

Art + Life Photo Collective 2014…  Once a year two photographer friends of mine and I host a retreat.  We comeVIEW FULL POST »

Cherry Blossom Love | Vancouver Childrens Photographer

Another one of our Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions.  Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE pink trees.  A perfectVIEW FULL POST »

Spring in the City | Vancouver Children Photographer

Another one of our Spring Mini sessions.  This was a morning session in the same location as the previous session whichVIEW FULL POST »

Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions | Nancy Vaz Photography

Introducing our very first Mini-Sessions!  Spring is in the air with the first buds already blooming.  It’s theVIEW FULL POST »

Jumping on the Bed | Vancouver Children Photographer

Jumping on the bed is just way too much fun, sure to produce giggles and belly laughs. XOVIEW FULL POST »

Little Gingers | Vancouver Children Photographer

A beautiful mamma and her little gingers on a beautiful summer’s eve.  xoVIEW FULL POST »

Butterflies and Buttercups | Vancouver Children’s Photographer

A cute little girl in a twirly dress, buttercups, butterflies, lots of greenery and a tree made for a swing, we couldn&#VIEW FULL POST »

Snow Day | Nancy Vaz Photography {Children}

The winters are a perfect time to photograph indoors, and especially fun when it’s a creative session.  TheseVIEW FULL POST »

November Fog | Vancouver Children Photographer

It was a such a beautiful November morning.  The fog was just lifting when we started and then the sun poured in.  IVIEW FULL POST »

Shells | Nancy Vaz Photography Children

Put me on an island and I’ll find something to do.  While sailing in the Gulf Islands, I just couldn’t sitVIEW FULL POST »

Belly Painting | Nancy Vaz Photography Maternity

The idea was inspired by her 3 year old.  He wanted to paint a picture for his new baby brother or sister, so whatVIEW FULL POST »

Friends Forever | Nancy Vaz Photography Children

From the moment I met these 2 brothers, I knew it was going to be a great session.  They were full of energy and laughsVIEW FULL POST »

Kittens | Nancy Vaz Photography Children

aawwww…. cute little kittens.  Who doesn’t love them?    VIEW FULL POST »

Sailing in a Cornfield | Vancouver Children Photograher

Have you ever set sail in a cornfield?  So much fun, you should try it!  VIEW FULL POST »

Under the Apple Tree | Vancouver Children Photographer

Sunsets are my favourite time of day to shoot.  The light is so soft and dreamy.  Here is another session from theVIEW FULL POST »

Lollipop | Vancouver Children Photographer

Lollipops are always a big hit.  I just love the splash of colour.  VIEW FULL POST »

A Little Princess | Vancouver Children Photographer

You know how you pin ideas from Pinterest and think “that would be fun to make.”  Well, I finally madeVIEW FULL POST »

Milk | Vancouver Children Photographer

Here’s another super cute stylized session from the workshop I did this summer.  The room was tiny with at leastVIEW FULL POST »

Love | Nancy Vaz Photography Baby

Oh how I wish I had done some photos like these of myself.  At the time, you think you’ll never forget thatVIEW FULL POST »

Country Life | Vancouver Children Photographer

How fun would it be to have your own horse, goat, even chickens?  Being a city girl myself, I’m always taken awayVIEW FULL POST »

Sandcastle Destruction | Vancouver Children Photographer

Creative projects are a great way to try something different.  There were six criteria:  It needed to involve a boy,VIEW FULL POST »

Birthday Girl | Children Photography

The sweetest little girl turned 5 this past week.  With an Alice in Wonderland themed party and all her friends there,VIEW FULL POST »

Poppies in May | Vancouver Children’s Photographer

These are the biggest and brightest poppies I have ever seen and they are in full bloom between mid May and mid June.  VIEW FULL POST »

Floating Hearts | Nancy Vaz Photography

I was so thrilled to be a part of an amazing three day workshop with Barb Uil of JinkyArt.  It was a weekend filledVIEW FULL POST »

The Girl with Seven Dresses | Vancouver Children Photographer

Oh, the life of a little girl, so sweet and carefree.  When this little girl had to pick a couple of dresses for theVIEW FULL POST »

Field of Poppies | Vancouver Children’s Photographer

I recently found these poppies hidden in a field of grass.  In some places the grass was taller than me.  What aVIEW FULL POST »